Our Team


The Rock Art Database has been developed within the Open Source Community and we would like to thank everyone who has made this project possible and contributed to technical and content development of this platform. The RADB team encourages professionals within the greater rock art and heritage community to contribute to the system’s development in order to build a better rock art tool for enthusiasts and researchers alike.

Lead Developer & Programmer
Dr Robert Haubt

Support Team
Prof Paul Tacon, PERAHU, School of Humanities, Griffith University
Dr Nicola Winn, PERAHU, School of Humanities, Griffith University

Logo Design & Banner Images

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels

Acs, A., Title Reference Number Generator based on parent-child relationship v.0.1beta
AdminColumns.com, Admin Columns v.2.4.7
Argonius, AG Custom Admin v.
Bavota, C., Add Logo to Admin v.1.6
Nejamin, Don, WP Custome Search v.0.3.26
Benjaminsson, U., Custom Upload Dir v.3.4
Bogdan Dragomir, ACF Accordion v.1.0.1
Brachhold, Arne, Google XML Sitemaps v.4.0.8
Bültge, Frank, Adminize v.1.8.5
Condon, E., Advanced Custom Fields v.4.4.1
Condon, E., Advanced Custom Fields: Repeater Filed v.1.1.1
Davidson, Brian, Manage/View Your Posts Only v.0.1
Eenfeldt, Johan, Limit Login Attempts v.1.7.1
G100g, Thumbnails for Backend v.0.0.5
Garagulya, Vladimir, User Role Editor v.4.18.4
Haubt, R., Getfrom ACF field v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., Hide Library- and URL-Tab in Media-Upload.php Browser for Author Profile Image v.0.1beta
Haubt, R.,Enqueue Dashicons v.0.1beta
Haubt, R.,User Profile change/add Fields v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., Remove Quick Edit v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., Remove Metaboxes v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., Google Earth and kml call v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., X3DOM call v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., Auto Assign Category to Custom Post Type v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., Remove Personal Options in User Profile v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., Only Show Comments for Posts Owned by Author v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., Auto Add Title as Post ID v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., ACF Add-On only show relationship fields owed by author v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., only count posts owned by author v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., CSS for Backend v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., ACF Geo Mashup Integration v.0.1beta
Haubt, R., Author Page v.0.1beta
latorante, Comment Attachment v1.5.5
Kuhn, D., Geo Mashup v.1.8.0
Lawson, Jesse, Easy Author Image v.1.5
Lissa, Stefano, Comment Notifier v.2.2.9
Mirshah, Arsham, Add Posts to Pages v.1.4
Mirzaei, ALi, WP ULike, v.2.3
Muro, Matthew, Visual Form Builder v.2.8.2
Featherstone, Peter, Responsive Menu v.2.5
Oostendorp, Jan Willem, Default Featured Image v.1.4
Pär Thernström, CMS Tree Page View v.1.2.28
Press Up, Only One Category v.1.0.1
Root-Wiley, Mark, Advanced Custom Fields Repeater Collapser, v.1.4.3
tychay, One-Click Child Theme v.1.6
WebDevStudios, Custom Post Type UI v.0.8.3
weweave GbR, WP Ajaxify Comments v.1.3.0
Yoast, Google Analytics by Yoast v5.4.6
Zappone, Dan, Lightbox Plus Colorbox v.2.7.2

Other Tools
x3dom annotation tool, Summer School
x3dom screen shot tool, x3dom.org
x3dom color adjustment, Haubt R.
x3dom 2D to 3D tool, Haubt R.