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Discover different rock art styles that humans developed over more than 40.000 year, from engravings and carvings in rock to detailed paintings, rock arrangements and geoglyphs.

Explore Topics People Depicted in their Art

Researchers have found rock art on all continents around the world, except for Antartica. Humans depicted their experience and interactions with their environment from the Arctic Circle to the Deserts and Tropical Rainforests around the Globe. Find out what our ancestors were talking about and explore different themes.


The Rock Art Database is a non-for profit online project at PERAHU, Griffith University in Australia. It seeks to improve theory and practice in the digital curation of rock art data through building a centralized global heritage community network. Through the use of new technologies the database offers new ways to look at heritage data and explores the potential in digital curation.

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Across the world we can find hundreds of thousands of rock art sites, important heritage places for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and a testament to over 14,000 years of human activity, including interactions with other peoples and the environment. Many of these sites have not been documented or recorded and are threatened by natural and cultural agents. It is becoming increasingly important to develop conservation models for the protection and preservation of sites.

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The Latest In Rock Art Technologies

Want to learn more about rock art recording techniques and latest technologies? Check out what the community is talking about.